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Nishino is a high school student with a deadly ability that can kill people at a bat of his eye,
Approached by a girl named Rose, he takes up her jobs to eliminate problem targets with his powers, But besides his secret life, the boy must still adjust to the challenges of everyday life at school
Nishino Gokyou, the dull faced highschooler in the middle of the school caste, and the one with the greatest abilities in the neighborhood. While caring about his appearance, he spends everyday burying himself in his work that makes use of his ability. He has deemed this life of solitude as acceptable. However, those days would not last. The fall of his second year, the virgin recognized the preciousness of youth through the culture festival. He learned of the importance of friendship with the opposite sex. With this, that boy Nishino decides to turn over a new leaf from the simple life he had, along with revising his attitude towards his everyday life, and in order to make a wonderful girlfriend to enjoy his highschool time, he uses every means in his disposal to struggle up the school caste, but the chance of climbing doesn’t look great, this is a, what do you call it, a hard-boiled story (Along with superpowered battles)

Associated Names:
Nishino Gakunai Caste Saikai Ni Shite Inou Sekai Saikyo No Shonen

Nishino - The Boy At The Bottom Of The School Caste & Also The Top Of The Underground Link---------------------------- ALL NOVELS DOWNLOAD LINK PDF

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