LN [PDF][EPUB] Jobless Reincarnation Volume 1-7 Light Novel Revised Edition


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Mar 8, 2019
The Underworld
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  1. VOLUME 01 —— PDF | EPUB
  2. VOLUME 02 —— PDF | EPUB
  3. VOLUME 03 —— PDF | EPUB
  4. VOLUME 04 —— PDF | EPUB
  5. VOLUME 05 —— PDF | EPUB
  6. VOLUME 06 —— PDF | EPUB
  7. VOLUME 07 —— PDF | EPUB


The Original Seven Seas release omitted entire paragraphs of descriptive prose and dialogue from the original Japanese novel. Readers complained that the changes made it harder to understand what was happening in the story.
Several controversial changes also involve rewritten characterization. In chapter 3 of volume 2, a scene which depicted the protagonist Rudeus groping and attempting to pull off the panties of a sleeping girl was replaced with him trying to pull her shirt over her stomach to prevent her from catching a cold. The scene in its original form was depicted in episode 6 of the television anime adaptation.

Another notable change from volume 1 involved removing references to rape. When Lilia described her past sexual history with Paul to Rudeus in chapter 9, he mentally referred to Paul’s actions as “rape and adultery.” This was changed in English to “cheater and womanizer.” In another section earlier in the same chapter, Lilia recalls an incident where Paul snuck into her bedroom at night for sex, describing the initial act as “forced.” The reference to force was removed in the English version.

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