Wary of his sister's increasingly dangerous mental instability, Zuko relents in allowing the team to keep Azula on a tighter leash just as Aang persuades the Mother of Faces to make an appearance. The spirit announces that she will only grant one favor to one human, so Zuko relinquishes his chance to find his mother in order for Misu to make a request on behalf of her brother Rafa. Before she can ask for Rafa to receive his face back, however, Azula intervenes and demands to know where she can find Ursa, Princess of the Fire Nation, and the answer the Mother of Faces supplies is not what anyone expects. When Misu incessantly pleas with the spirit to grant her favor as well, the spirit becomes enraged, and no one is exempt from her wrath.

The flashbacks to Ursa's past also continue, revealing the details of her encounter with Noren during her trip back to Hira'a. What she learns in her hometown eventually takes her to Forgetful Valley, where a new chapter of her life begins. It is in Hira'a that her children's search and the life she now leads may finally coincide.
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