Kabukibu! Manga Listed as Ending With 2nd Volume


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Retailer Amazon.com's description of the second volume of the Kabukibu! manga adaptation lists the volume as the finale. The volume ships on February 2.

Chizu Kamikō (Bannō Kanteishi Q no Jikenbo, Shikabane Shōjo to Kakanai Gaka) launched the manga based on Yuuri Eda's Kabukibu! light novel series inKadokawa's Young Ace magazine this past February. Kamikō uses CLAMP's character designs for the anime, and the anime's production committee is collaborating on the manga. The first volume shipped in May.

Kabukibu! revolves around Kurogo Kurusu, a high school student who loves kabuki so much that it's annoying. Kurogo yearns to perform kabuki as part of a club at his school, but currently his school doesn't have a kabuki club. So Kurogo sets out to create a kabuki club, and his first order of business is to gather members. Kadokawa published the 7th novel on November 25.

The Kabukibu! anime adaptation premiered in April, and Anime Strike exclusively streamed the series in the United States. Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series and plans to release it on home video.


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