Final Fantasy XV Game's Multiplayer Expansion Delayed to Early November


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The official Twitter account for the Final Fantasy XV video game announced on Friday that the game's multiplayer expansion for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, titled "Comrades," is delayed until early November, "due to final adjustments & to create the best possible experience."

The expansion was originally scheduled for October 31. The expansion takes place during the original game's 10-year timeskip near the end of the story. Nobuo Uematsu composed a theme song for the expansion titled "Choosing Hope." Emiko Suzuki performs the song.

Square Enix announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017 in September that it will continue to "enhance the story" of the game with new content into next year.

Other upcoming franchise releases include the Monster of the Deep PS VR game on November 21, the smartphone "Pocket Edition" of the game this fall, the "Episode Ignis" DLC in December, and the game's Windows release next year.

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