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Meleoleona defeats Liar - Black Clover 138 spoilers


Staff member
Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom

Meleoleona's true capabilities are off the charts, as we see her easily take down Liar, suppressing all magic attacks magic thrown at her.
In Black Clover 137 Meleoleona Vermilion easily negates all of Liar's imitation magic which is not quite surprising, as she is the leader of the Royal Knights.
Asta and Ideale witness firsthand Captain Meleoleona's power.While watching her battle with Liar,Asta acknowledges that he could learn her close range fighting style since he's also a close range fighter.

Currently Meleoleona doesn't need any help as she can easily handle Liar, but that may change as the battle progresses. In Black Clover chapter 136, a member of the midnight sun mentioned that they will soon awaken their true powers, and that power could be linked to the gemstones the group have been gathering.

Asta and Ideale would probably join the fight next chapter as we see Liar show us a new power.

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