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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom

In Black Clover 136, the Royal magic Knights continue their raid on the Eye of the midnight sun secret base.
We also get to see captain Meleoleona battle Liar, the Eye of the midnight sun Leader.

Black Clover 136 starts of as Captain Nozel easily crushes all enemies in his path, we see all other members of the royal Knight easily take down their opponents.
Yuno's team defeat opponent's in their path and notice strange symbols on the walls, a defeated member of the eye of the midnight sun mentions that they would be reborn into their true forms soon.

We move on to see Asta and Zora Ideale take down enemy traps with ease, we see Meleoleona easily crushing opponents leaving non for Asta and Ideale.
After an explosion we see two Asta's in battlefield, Ideale and Meleoleona are surprised and Ideale mentions when Asta learned clone magic.
Both Asta try to prove themselves as the real Asta but Meleoleona saves time by roasting both of them.

We see the real Asta use his anti magic sword to negate Meleoleona's magic, he accuses her of trying to kill him but she laughs saying that her comrades can't be killed by that level of attack. We see the fake Asta reveal his true nature, we see the leader of the eye of the midnight sun appear using imitation magic to heal himself. He introduces himself as Liar and attacks Meleoleona with an imitation black magic, she easily burns it and mentions that his attack isn't as strong as the original then she uses her incineration magic to roast him.

Black Clover 136 ends here.

An overall awesome chapter, can't wait for next week Black Clover 137 were Meleoleona continues her battle with Liar.



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