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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom

After a week Haitus, Black Clover 138 is now available.
In Black Clover 138 we get to see the Black Bull's base infiltrated by members of the eye of the midnight sun.

Black Clover 138 continues as we see Captain Leona burn Liar to crisps with her fire magic.
Liar is can't cast either a speed spell or regenerative spell, as Leona magic is far too superior due her mastery of Mana Zone.
We see Yuno charging in, attacking the enemy with wind magic from behind. Due to his mastery of Mana Zone, he is now capable of such feat.

Stepping Back in time, right after the Royal knights infiltrated the Eye of the Midnight sun base, we see members of the Black Bull's being attacked by zombie humans.
We see that some members of the Midnight sun are responsible for the attack.
Fortunately the Black Bulls are able to dispel their attack, Black Clover 138 ends.

Next week Black Clover 139 will be focused mainly on the attack on Asta's Guild. We get to see the other members of the Black Bull fight with no restraint.



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