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Mar 8, 2019
The Underworld
lol... i tought the novel would finally progress forward at vol 13... author is very skilled in stalling... i just wanna read the fight with Potimas!!
Yes finally someone who understands my pain, also why the f*** make a entire story about julius the hero and his party members when I don't give a damn about him and he won't affect the story as he is dead?
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Apr 16, 2021
United states
i have to say i did not like volume that was more or less a prequil (is i tend to just hate any prequil so its my own bias) but volume 13 ya we learned alot of behind the seans stuff that happened in the present time line from the spider side i still ended up skipping over most of it as i was more looking forwared to the time lines merge and the fanaly of the story so far then a recap (tho this form of recap im okay with over strait up recapes as it gives more info but still dissapointing in the long sceam of things) This is all just my opinion and my gripe.
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