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LN Download Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 4 PDF


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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom
You can now Download Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 4 Light Novel in .PDF Format.

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A town was built around the dungeon I lazily manage and somehow, I ended up becoming its town chief. Yep... Wait, what?! Why?! Guess I'll just offload all this work onto other people... aaaand now there's a super strong mystery monster hiding out in my dungeon. This is definitely something I gotta deal with myself, too. And not only that, but a Holy Priestess is dead set on destroying Dungeon Cores is fighting over me with Rokuko?! Why do I attract so many weirdos?
This is volume four of my own lazy dungeon story! I'll drive out this monster and regain my precious sleeping time!



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