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How To Download Content In this Website Step By Step


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Mar 8, 2019
The Underworld
1. wait five seconds for yellow button to appear


2. Click on the yellow button at the top right of the AdF.ly page (sometimes it will lead you to a identical page, just repeat as the last page)


3. After clicking Skip AD it will lead you to a shotzon page, click on I am not a robot


4. Verify that your not a robot with the Captcha, if it doesn't work the first time just keep trying you'll get it ( Sometimes it will finish and show a green check without you having to go through the puzzle if so your lucky)


5. Click on the blue button after you complete the Captcha it will lead you to another page


6. Wait ten seconds as your link loads then click on the green Get Link button to download


For those of you who Donate to this website (minimum 5 dollars), you get the benefit of not having to go through the enagato Captcha easily cutting off half the hassle. Your donation will be for purchasing new books for this site, for more information on how to donate click on this link: https://mp4directs.com/donate/

(Ps: if you liked a book or series on this website remember to thank the person who posted it, do this in the comment section of that series page, Feedback is important it helps keep this site alive and lets the person know they're appreciated)
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