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Goblin Kingdom (WN) PDF


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Mar 8, 2019
The Underworld

“I will rule over everything. The forest, the humans, even the beastmen and even the elves! I will rule all of the land even until the very ends of the world! Beyond the ocean and even the heavens in which the birds fly! I shall rule over even the subterranean world where the giants sleep!”-The King's proclamation.
There is an ugly creature known as a Goblin, a race that exists only to be hunted by people. However, there lives are about to turn around with the birth of a single king.

This is the story of a king who commands monsters to rise up against the gods. A tale of him and those monsters and humans that supported him.

Goblin Kingdom Novels Link---------------------------- http://tenteaea.com/21921567/goblin-kingdom-pdf

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