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LN Download Tatakau Shisho Pdf


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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom
You can now Download Tatakau Shisho Light Novel in .pdf format

  1. Tatakau Shisho Volume 01 ------ Download
  2. Tatakau Shisho Volume 02 ------ Download
  3. Tatakau Shisho Volume 03 ------ Download
  4. Tatakau Shisho Volume 04 ------ Download
  5. Tatakau Shisho Volume 05 ------ Download
  6. Tatakau Shisho Volume 06 ------ Download
  7. Tatakau Shisho Volume 07 ------ Download
  8. Tatakau Shisho Volume 08 ------ Download
  9. Tatakau Shisho Volume 09 ------ Download
  10. Tatakau Shisho Volume 10 ------ Download
“Kill Hamyuts Meseta”

A story about a world where all dead people become “Books” and are housed in a Library. The boy named Colio Tonies had his memories taken and a bomb transplanted in his chest. His life’s purpose is killing the world’s strongest Armed Librarian, Hamyuts Meseta. But, one day he gets his hands on the “Book” of a beautiful princess and falls in love at first sight. Furthermore, that love will cause Colio to get involved in a grand scale battle…

Associated Names
Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra
Fighting Librarians

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