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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom


A battle to the death with infamous named monster, Death Spots!

"... We can't abandon him. Or rather, I don't think we should."

Haruhiro and the others who were taken away to the unfamiliar world of Grimgar have now gained experience and are finally maturing as volunteer soldiers. In order to bring things up a level, they’ve traveled to a new dungeon, the Cyrene Mines, but this is also the place where Merry, the newest addition to their party, once lost her comrades.

Haruhiro thought their exploration would go easily, but one member of the party is unexpectedly separated from the rest, and they are all attacked by the famous giant kobold, Death Spots.

With new trials to overcome, the tale of adventure born from the ashes enters its second chapter!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 9
  • Chapter 1: No Comparison
  • Chapter 2: Wishy-Washy Chairman
  • Chapter 3: The Inertial Laws of Habit
  • Chapter 4: The Ways of Darkness
  • Chapter 5: Capacity
  • Chapter 6: Even If It's a Detour
  • Chapter 7: Leave it to Sensei
  • Chapter 8: Unsuitable
  • Chapter 9: Let Go of Jealousy
Chapter 10 - Chapter 17
  • Chapter 10: You're Supposed to be Lame
  • Chapter 11: That
  • Chapter 12: When It's Important
  • Chapter 13: Duo
  • Chapter 14: A Boy
  • Chapter 15: The Fall and Rise of the Dread Knight
  • Chapter 16: Wish and Determination
  • Chapter 17: A Lie and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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