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Apr 30, 2017
Clover Kingdom



Haruhiro struggles while accompanying with the strongest & legendary soldiers!?

"Our goal is already decided, right? So what do you mean, 'we're turning back'?"

The Dusk Realm that Haruhiro and the others discovered had begun to attract attention as a new hunting ground. Haruhiro and the party had also gotten to the point where they could now slay the white giants that they could only run from before and were able to make a steady income there. However, due to the actions of one clan, the danger level in the Dusk Realm rises dramatically. Meanwhile, Haruhiro and the others re-encounter Souma, the head of the Day Breakers which they had joined before, and are slowly but surely dragged into taking part in a large-scale mission involving multiple clans.

When he fights alongside these powerful volunteer soldiers, what will Haruhiro see, and what will he think?

  • Chapter 1: A Quarter of a Day
  • Chapter 2: My Love Will Always
  • Chapter 3: With All My Heart
  • Chapter 4: A Forked Road Beneath a Different Sky
  • Chapter 5: The Natural Me
  • Chapter 6: The Priorities in Life
  • Chapter 7: Quality
  • Chapter 8: Cross the Boundary
  • Chapter 9: If There is a Light
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